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A Portrait of Brooklyn With Ysa Pérez

Ysa Pérez is making a foray into documentary work with her first solo show, titled One Late Summer, which launches tonight at Fool’s Gold Records in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The photographer, whose camera had been mostly devoted to editorial and portrait shots prior, first met the boys featured in One Late Summer back in 2017. Driven by intrigue, she spent many hours alongside the crew after their initial meeting. The culmination of three years of work will be revealed this evening.

“I always start everything by gut feeling,” Pérez says. “Something about them made me stop. Of course I didn’t know in that moment what was going to ensure, but I always act on impulse…whether that’s good or not! Usually it leads me down a good road.”

The relationships built between Pérez and her subjects is evident in her images — honest portraits, familiar scenes, and snapshots of summer afternoons spent on bikes and in homes paint an intimate picture of life in the neighborhood.

“Having a suburban background, New York City kids have always fascinated me. I always like to experience places and culture through the people. So any opportunity to hang with them — I was there. I’d show up.”

Show up tonight and see the full body of work for yourself: 7 pm at Fool’s Gold Records on 147 Grand Street in Brooklyn, with music from Milk fam DJ Dede Lovelace of Skate Kitchen.

Images courtesy of Ysa Pérez

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