So like a social media country club.



A Secret Social Network for the World's Elite

Mmm, there’s nothing quite like the potent odor of exclusivity. Best of All Worlds, in case you haven’t heard because of its allegiance to secrecy, is a social networking platform that has been described as a hybrid between Facebook and Yelp, but we’d call it more of a digital country club. Since 2012, the invite-only app has served as a network among the rich, famous and elite, where its global members could make plans to congregate on each others’ yachts, travel on their private planes and invite each other to luxury events at upscale hotels and restaurants through their solid gold iPhone 7s.

The founder and CEO of BOAW, Swedish count Erik Wachtmeister, boasts that his app is singular in its commitment to delivering “privacy, intimacy and relevance” to its users, not to mention an inflated ego. One member does admit, however, that the network’s “trusted and intimate setting,” permits her to feel more comfortable in socializing with potential strangers—the thought process behind that being that the more elite a stranger is, the more trust one can place in him or her. Interesting. What is arguably even more interesting to consider is that Facebook, the OG of all social networks, does, too, have its roots planted within the rich soil of exclusivity. The now varsity platform and lucrative product to Mark Zuckerberg started out as a network strictly inclusive of students enrolled in Ivy League schools and New York University. So, like all good things, BOAW is perceivably just an ode to the classic of its kind, Facebook, toting the same posh exclusion that Zuckerberg based his virtual empire off of.

Source: The Verge

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