Presenting "Feel the Heat," a video with 3-D animated elements centered around Namilia's Fall/Winter '16 collection.



A Wild Video From Namilia, For All Your Mermaid Fantasies [Premiere]

MADE Fashion Week is always a good time, filled with parties and banging music and our very favorite celebrities. The eighth floor presentations at Milk Studios are a particular highlight. Showcasing the work of multiple designers, the presentations function like a massive party: a party filled with insanely cool clothing. And while we loved all the designers at the Fall/Winter ’16 presentations, nobody was having a better time than the models at Namilia, who were encouraged to dance around to glorious pop music.

The London-based brand divided their collection into six different sections: Orgasm Clinic, Come & Play, Wet & Wild, Nude & Rude, Hush Hush, and Feel the Heat. Each section played with femininity and sexuality, laughing in the face of slut-shaming stereotypes. It was a joy to watch, and now, thanks to Datlook, an online retailer and creative platform for emerging designers, you can relive the magic. They commissioned a video of the Namilia presentation from multimedia artist Jacqueline Lin, and we’re thrilled to present it here. Called “Feel the Heat,” the video features deliciously sparkly 3-D and animated elements that fit perfectly with Namilia’s outlandish looks.

Lin, a recent RISD graduate, makes work that’s wonderfully bright and poppy, whether it’s focusing on the light and fluffy, or more serious identity politics. We chatted with her about animation, artificial worlds, and what it’s like to grow up all over the globe.

Because the Namilia clothes are so fun and silly, do you feel like that gave you room to sort of play around?

I think what really helped create this video and those 3-D environments was looking at the clothes themselves. Being able to be there in the studio and see how the clothes were constructed really helped, [like seeing] the mermaid clothing, how it reflected the light and how it sparkled.

Mermaid looks from Namilia, with animation by Jacqueline Lin.
Mermaid looks from Namilia, with animation by Jacqueline Lin.

The energy of Milk Studios [influenced the video] as well. All the models were really encompassing the characters. They were dancing and posing! That energy really helped us choose the music with the video. I also asked a friend who’s a music video producer, Tokyo Megaplex, to create a track to accompany the video, and I think that really tied the whole thing together.

The Namilia collection was split up into sections. Did you have a favorite one?

I really enjoyed the Orgasm Clinic. It was really fun. Also Wet & Wild! Wet & Wild and Orgasm Clinic were really fun to create because the colors were so unified, and I felt that I could create imagery that could accompany that easily.

Namilia's Orgasm Clinic segment of their Fall/Winter '16 collection, with Lin's animation.
Namilia’s Orgasm Clinic segment of their Fall/Winter ’16 collection, with Lin’s animation.

You’re from Taiwan originally, but you’ve lived in several other places, yes?

I am from Taiwan originally, but I grew up all over the place, in the Middle East. Then I moved to Taiwan for middle school and high school, then to the states for college. So I’m from all over the place, but I consider myself a Taiwanese person.

Did your parents work in the government or something like that? 

Yeah, no, my parents don’t work for the government. They own a luxury Chinese restaurant dining franchise that they started in the Middle East.

Could you tell me a little bit about what kind of work you like personally? Like what inspires you, what stuff do you like to do? I was watching your videos on your website and I love all of them. They’re so cool.  

Oh thank you! I think I realized I’m more drawn to creating artificial worlds and artificial images that can’t really fit in reality. With using video and animation and these tools as a medium, I can create something that [one] might not be able to experience in reality. I think that’s pretty exciting, and I realized I’m very drawn to colorful palettes that are sort of fun.

I like my work to be playful, and if I do touch on topics that are more serious, I like to approach them in a more playful or ironic matter. Most of my personal work touches upon the identity of an Asian female. Maybe it’s because of my experiences of being one in these different cultures, like in the Middle East, or in America. [I focus] on how those experiences have affected me, and also [what it’s like] to be a minority and a majority of the population.

Check out more of Jacqueline Lin’s work, and hit up Datlook for more emerging designers.

Stay tuned to Milk for more sparkly fashion content.

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