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Aaliyah, The Weeknd + More Music You Missed Over The Holiday Break

While you were playing Racist Bingo under the dinner table while your family got together to reenact the comments section on a Fox News article, new music was flowing through the airwaves. Now that you’ve made it through the holidays and are recovering with a thermos full of wine, it’s time to catch up on the newest music from everyone who isn’t named Frank Ocean. Put those headphones on, and get ready to stop drop and roll — your morning commute is about to get lit with our five favorite tracks from the holidays.

Low Life | The Weeknd + Future

If you had a New Year’s Resolution to listen to a collab track between two of the hottest artists of 2015, than that’s oddly specific. But congratulations, because things worked out for you. We can all bob our heads along to this surprisingly laid-back beat, like the guy trying desperately not to fall asleep across from you on the subway. The track may have dropped on Christmas, but we missed it in the haze of giftwrap and seven (eight?) glasses of wine. Let The Weeknd’s smooth crooning mix with Future’s hard raps and the infamous Metro Boomin intro, for a sonic jam you can enjoy on your commute or pregaming before you hit the clubs this weekend.

RTA #2 (Feat. Crystal Mec) | Willow Smith

Keep your soul alive and hug the nearest tree, because Willow’s latest jam is all about Mother Earth. The littlest Smith sibling may have just dropped one of the best—and most divisive—albums of 2015 (and won a Milk Superlative with her brother Jaden) but that doesn’t mean she’s taking a break. This guitar-heavy track is actually the second new song that she’s released since her album dropped. You can check out the equally as ethereal (but more xylophone inspired) “Luv You” over at her Soundcloud. In the meantime, press play, grab your grass, and daydream about the inevitability of global warming.

Shakin (Feat. Aaliyah) | Timbaland

If you thought that a new Weeknd track was the only Christmas present you missed, we’ve got some bad news. Timbaland reached into the vault, pulling out an unreleased track that he worked on with our one true R&B goddess. The beatmaker didn’t clarify when the track was originally recorded, but we know he worked with Aaliyah from 1996 on One in a Million, all the way up to her tragic death in a plane crash in 2001. We’re still mourning her loss after all these years, so it’s nice to shake alongside her as she sings another soulful song about being a 90s baby, with a 90s flow. Try not to shed a tear as you slide up and down the subway pole while onlookers gawk in horrified arousal—this is a major jam.

My Sad Christmas Song (Feat. The Flaming Lips) | Miley Cyrus

The creative collaboration between Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips is literally the gift that keeps on giving. After two full albums of material between the duo, we thought the Milky Milky Milk tour’s eight shows would be the last chance we had to rock along to songs about dildos, weed, and sex. Miley’s melancholy ode to Christmas may not have a sex toy sitting under the tree, but it does include a line sure to get stoners to raise their joints up to the leftover mistletoe hanging in their hallway: “This is my sad Christmas song / So I rip another bong.” Amen, sister. Our pick for the Most Changed of 2015 isn’t afraid to say that sometimes Christmas actually does suck, and that’s okay. The holidays may be over, but we’re including this one because of the valiant effort by The Flaming Lips to make this an all-year low-fi track.

Hallucinations | DVSN

After four tracks by high profile artists, it’s time to settle in and check out one of the most mysterious musicians we’ve come across in months. This R&B powerhouse is only known as DVSN on their Soundcloud—no biography, and no photo. All we know is that they have some connection to Drake’s OVO Sound, and that we want to make babies to their music and write down our feelings in our journal. The male vocalist is soothing and sexual, like a Poe Dameron body pillow. Hallucinations might be social commentary on our collective confusion about who the hell DVSN is, but it’s got us moving regardless. Let’s hope a new year brings an answer to who this is, and when their album is going to come out.

Stay tuned to Milk for more music recs.

Image via Dana Haughton. 

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