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About Face: Andro Gin

From painted face, to lip-syncing, to drama brought to stage through every performance, striking a pose for us today is Andro Gin, a Miami-based drag king that draws surreal elements to create a fierce mug. Every fantasy realm villain is reimagined through Andro Gin’s artistry. Think of all the Disney villains we had secret crushes on; well, our crush on Andro Gin is not so secret. Everyone is applauding the high femme personas of drag queens but now it’s time for the drag kings like Andro Gin to be shown some love. Performance art comes in all genders, shapes, and forms and today it has a sinister appeal. Read on for the details behind Gin’s three About Face looks below. 

Most of my looks I draw from monster-esque doodles I used to do as a kid paired with the personality of queer-coded villains I was drawn to growing up. I’m inspired by illustration, ink blots, bright color schemes used in kid’s toys, boylesque cabaret, and even classical music. All of this I take in to ensure a clear artistic vision, which then gets illustrated into a sketchbook before they end up on my face.

Look 1I always imagined that this creature is a blank surface that shape-shifts to whatever mood he feels in the moment so Mehron’s Clown White is appropriately my go to for foundation. For my contours I use a Makeup Forever Flash Palette dupe (which you can find on Amazon) to mix and blend out with a beauty blender. Once all that is set with translucent powder then the true fun begins for me with the detail. I mostly utilize NYX Epic Liner to create harsh lines, brows, chin details, widow peaks, and accents – adding in black pigment from multiple brands (NYX / Strobe Cosmetics Creepy & Cute Palette). Give Face Cosmetics and their neon pigments have been a drag changer for me, so making use of their neon green pigment “Cosplay” and mixing both greens, “Freak” and “Thrash”, from Urban Decay’s Electric Palette, I shadow my forehead, temple, cheek, and chin. For highlights, I use Sugarpill’s “Tako” in addition to a NYX White Liquid Liner on the cheek bone, chin, and forehead. Finally, when all that is said and done, I add glitter to specific areas, put in my contacts, and then he’s out the door ready to terrorize a kingdom.

Look 2I try to get products that produce a vibrant pigment, so in the case of yellows where those tend to not show up as bright, I use Mehron iNTense Pro Pigment in yellow for the chin/jaw detail. For the red I mixed a bit of “Slowburn” from the Urban Decay Electric Palette with the red in NYX’s Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette and added hints of Sugarpill’s “Asylum”. While sometimes I do enjoy solid color, mixing colors like that when going for something simple like “red” adds a depth I personally enjoy. (Photo Credit: Juan Barquin)

Look 3Approached by a fellow Drag King in the Miami scene, King Femme, to do “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” for a recent performance was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to.  I could’ve gone the more traditional route and wore a beak, or even just taken my inspiration directly from the broadway show but I really wanted to create a Zazu through the eyes of Andro Gin. I mixed together 3 separate blues pulling from dark blue, teal, and white from the Makeup Forever Flash Palette to provide myself with enough variety to texture my contours to simulate a bird’s feathers. I also packed yellow foundation onto my nose before I set with powder because I especially wanted that area to pop. So making use of Mehron’s iNTense Pro Pigment yellow, Give Face Cosmetics “Acid” for the oranges, Urban Decay Electric Palette’s “Chaos” for the blues, NYX’s Wicked Lipsticks in “Sinful”, and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in white so add messy white streaks on the lip area I managed to create a version of Zazu if he was played by Andro Gin and it turned out to be one of my favorite looks to date.

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty goodness.

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