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About Face: Chimera

By now, we trust that you know the deal because About Face is back and on the menu today, we are serving looks with a side of lashesStepping up to the plate is androgynous superstar and nightlife vampire, Chimera. Category is… cosmetics for the cosmos.

The impressive beauty guru’s makeup witchcraft can be attributed to his Parsons design education and instinctive ingenuity. He doubles his face as his canvas, painting masterpieces that, dare we say, slay. Easing our souls and blessing our eyes, Chimera is living, breathing, striking proof that club kid culture remains fervent and does not plan on going anywhere. See for yourself below.Wearing Kyrlon TV paint stick for foundation and contour. Using Urban Decay Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette on my eyes. NYX epic liner for eyebrows, wings and lips. This is one of the very first looks I did when I first started going out. I worked with my amazing photographer friend @jackbeeks to create this iconic look. I was obsessed with the color red back then, and I was also trying to find ways to use my own hair because I didn’t own any wigs. This image really captured baby Chimera, something that is eerily beautiful.Wearing NYX Vivid Brights Cream Color for my base. NYX Primal Color in blue for contour. Chimera is very much about that creature you find slightly unsettling. She’s giving you body and temptation but a glare from her eyes can make you freeze. I love bringing my own heritage to the looks I do as well, because you don’t see a Chinese club kid running around everyday.Full face done with Makeup Forever Flash palette (get it on eBay). She’s serving you underwater Eve running away from her wedding to see her baby daddy again realness. She doesn’t make sense and she shouldn’t make sense. I had ten yards of tulle that day and I decided to throw all of it on my head because who says you need to wear clothes anyway?

Images courtesy of Chimera

Stay tuned to Milk for more makeup magic. 

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