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About Face: Elliana

Here to demonstrate art-pop realness is Elliana, also known as @uggiebbyboy on Instagram, in the latest installment of About Face. From baby boy softness to summoning ghoul looks, Elliana is bringing phantasmic characters to life. There’s so much to choose from, with pastel moods to darker and edgier looks illustrated with a black liner pen. Elliana is the real life, doll-faced chic that’s got us begging for more. See below for the variations of all that Elliana paints into existence. 

Look 1 Even though I tend to look like a ghoul 24/7, I love sparkly pastel fairy looks. It comes more from my “baby boy” aesthetic surprisingly. Since I have a large forehead and no eyebrows, I love using my entire face as a canvas, splattering whatever I like onto my face. Using 3 different colors for my eyes, baby blue in the inner corner, orange on the lid, and a burgundy red in my crease, I feel like it gives me a soft round airy look. I used Milani’s blush and a red eye shadow for intensity, and then I used Craft Smart Acrylic Paint for the stars, ears, and dots. Milani’s Amore Matte lipstick on the top lip and a Milani Color Statement lipstick on the bottom. Can you tell I love Milani? I love wearing lingerie as it makes me feel even more like a delicate prince, it creates a full fairy fantasy~

Look 2Taking some sicc flamez and the Fit Me Maybelline foundation, Wet and Wild precious petals highlighter, and some heavy blush, I created a simple base for the blobs of lava. I drew on a thicc curvy winged liner with Elf’s Liquid eyeliner and used Black Radiance’s Black Brilliant Effects lip gloss to create a glittery shine. Then I used a black Nicka K matte lipstick on the bottom lip and a RK by Kiss yellow Matte Lip Lacquer on the top lid. Why? Why not! Now for the fun part: Lava blobs. Using the Craft Smart Acrylic paint, I used a painting brush to loosely draw them on and over my lip and eyeliner for a “3D” effect. Shop at Goodwill for the juiciest fashion and find a qt snake as an accessory.

Look 3When going to Drag Queen shows, go hard or go home. You need to come to slay or don’t come at all— prove yourself as a fierce queen and have fun! I mainly used acrylic paint for the vibrant colors and white lines, and black glitter as contrast. The red lippie was two Miliani sensational color lipsticks, red on the outer ends and an orange on the inner for a dramatic effect. I love over lining my lips for a full clown effect! All my pearl accessories here were from a thrift shop. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, ya know? My outfit here was also from Goodwill, an excellent find with an excellent price.

Images courtesy of Elliana @uggiebbyboy

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty goodness.

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