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About Face: Harajuku

Milan? Camden Market? Dongdaemun? No, the destination for this About Face is Harajuku, a drag queen that is the futuristic, polychromatic femme that has us starstruck. She turns every color combo into complimentary colors with Swarovski stones to top it off. Harajuku dedicated her recent performance to kids growing up without their freedom and kids going through hardship. Her message? “Find your stars, find your colors, & wear them proudly.” This message shines through the drag that she performs. Put your shades on, because these looks are about to be brighter than the sun.

Look 1
The theme for this party was space related, so I decided to channel a bit of Leeloo from the fifth element & my own spin on what it means to be a ‘space babe’. A lot of the discoloration to the skin is thanks to Sugarpills ‘Buttercupcake’, the best yellow you’ll ever find on the market!! I also had some of their Hi-Viz neon pigment in ‘Elektrocute’ around my lips & cheeks but not all that noticable in this photo, definitely would recommend though! The lip is a mix of a random beauty supply brown lip liner & Fenty beauty’s ‘Saw-C’ mattemoiselle Plush matte lipstick, with a bit of Fentys ‘Stunna lip paint’ in the color Uncensored. The blush on my contour was also pretty major! I usually use eyeshadows rather than actual blush products because I’m extra. This blush is brought to you by the morphe 12P Palette! The bright pink & bright orange made the cutest shade! A streak of this blush under my eyes with a spank of that yellow really made me look on the outside how I was feeling on the inside; TIRED! Cute though, right?! As for lashes I use the typical 301 Lash every Queen under the sun has heard of.  OH, and a secret of mine that works fabulous for stage that I’ll share with you in confidentiality, Swarovski stone on the tip of your nose! Highlighting your nose is so 2000-And-LATE!

Look 2I’m a big fan of Payasas/Payasos-Payasxs, OBVIOUSLY! Aka CLOWNS! The first thing to grab your attention here is definitely the eyes! I used a series of shadows from both the Morphe 12P palette & The Pinky Rose ‘Bright Lights’ palette. Black shadows to create depth & Sugarpills Buttercupcake for my yellow of course! I cut my crease with Ben Nyes Clown White cream (also used under the brows & around my mouth) then set it with the Ben Nye Clown White loose setting powder to make her real bright! The specs of white on the lid were created by one of Urban Decays white eyeliners that also work wonders to create the white under the eyes! WOW, that’s a lot of white! Eyebrows were created with some black eyeliner & a steady hand! Lip detail was created using my finger to dab some of that lipstick around & topped it all off with some lip gloss!

Look 3This is by far one of my favorite makeup looks! I think blue & yellow look gorgeous together, it’s for sure my favorite color combination. My other favorite thing about this look is that the blue & yellow eyeshadow never mix to make green which I found to be pretty simple!

I started by packing on a lot of that yellow eyeshadow I’ve been bragging about (Sugarpills Buttercupcake) ONLY on the outer half of my lid. After blending that out & adding white eyeshadow under my brow to highlight, I slowly built up the blue on the inner half of my crease, being careful not to mix the two colors. I add a darker blue for depth & then take a clean brush and sort of pat and swipe softly in between the two shades with a bit of each color. First with a little yellow, then a small amount of blue but not really blending, just creating a middle ground where the two can sort of live happy & neighborly. After finding a safe middle ground, I cut my crease with the clown white mentioned in the previous photo & set it. I add some more yellow to the outer half of my eyeshadow as well. As for brows, I used the MUFE Flash palette (bootleg on Amazon for $13, definitely add that one to your cart) and an urban decay white eyeliner to create highlighted brow hairs with dark strokes to contrast. Lip is Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in ‘Plath’  with a touch of Fenty’s Gloss bomb & urban decays Hi-Fi Shine lipgloss in ‘Goldmine’ only on the upper half of my Lippie!

Images courtesy of Harijuku

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