"Removing yourself from the gender equation in those special makeup moments can be really liberating."



About Face: Harry Charlesworth

If you remember the beauty slayage that was Sussi Summer Nights (which also happened to be our first London-based About Face), then you’ve already seen the genius of Harry Charlesworth—he took the photos! It was only natural, then, that we call upon the kween himself to complete his own ‘About Face.’ This time, Charlesworth serves up three looks selfie-style, and gives us all the details on just how they came to fruition. It’s a tell-all you won’t wanna miss, and luckily, you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Look 1This was a look I did for just a typical night out with friends. Usually my more demonic/quirky faces come about once I’ve done a more feminine face of makeup and I’ve decided I don’t like itthen I scribble on top of it my feelings, frustrations, etc. In this particular case I overdrew my eyeliner a bit to far and rather than go back and fix it, I chose to accept my mistake and turn it into something new. Nina Hagen would do a type of eyeliner where she spiraled the ends like the cemetery hill in Nightmare Before Christmas (one of my favorite movies) and that really inspired me to make all the spirals on my face. Pointed ears are always my favorite accessory to a look of mine, the coolest and most attractive characters in animes always have pointy ears and sharp nails. These are the most fun looks to do in my mind because they follow less rules than when I’m trying to feminine my face. When I do feminine looks I feel more peaceful and ‘settled’ I guess is the right word, but to turn into a creature I’ve plotted in my head gives me armor and a certain confidence I can’t find in myself otherwise. Removing yourself from the gender equation in those special makeup moments can be really liberating. My eyes are Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphosis 005 and lips Lust 004.

Look 2I recently shaved my eyebrows off and have been loving doing a simple cut crease for a simple toned down look. I was planning to go out for a really long night of dancing so my main concern was good skin looks that weren’t going anywhere. The last thing you want is to be that crusty looking bitch at the club. And I dance y’all..and sweat. Nothing wrong with being a moist queen if you’re at the rave but then you better come correct with that face set for armageddon honey. I was looking radiant at 5am in the clammy basement of some circuit party in Hackney, in the pouring rain no less! My eyes were done with Jeffree Star matte liquid lips and Netasha Denona, and my lip is Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004.

Look 3This moment was for the YSL x Sink The Pink party I recently performed at. I was wearing a basic black Gaultier shift dress and rather than do something demure I thought I’d do another fun look with my lack of no eyebrows. When I’m working a professional event it feels more important to me personally to be a bit more polished. My eyes, highlight, and lip are all Pat McGrath Labs Darkstar 006. My skin is all RCMA products and my highlight is Anastasia Beverly Hills. 

Images courtesy of Harry Charlesworth

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty slayage from across the pond.

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