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About Face: Sussi Summer Nights

If you’re working on your summer ~look~, Sussi is here to provide inspiration—nay, revelation. From the streets (and clubs) of London come three takes on clowning around, Sussi-style: a queen with her crown, a mad woman on the loose, and a chef who’s only got one message on her mind: “Bon Appetit!”

While we’re reveling in the beauty genius of Sussi Summer Nights, take solace in the fact these may one day be replicable…with a shit ton of makeup and skill, that is. In the mean time, feel free to admire from afar. We’ll be doing the same. You heard it from Sussi herself:

Here is peek into some of the costumes and what 3 looks in 1 weekend looks like, from the club, to the photoshoot to the rave London is the best place to play dress up and explore. My best advice, wear flats; at the club, no one is looking down, spend your money on something that will fit in your selfie. I love a headpiece so getting to shoot with Yana Markova was amazing, the silver hat was a dream come true. 

Images courtesy of Sussi

Stay tuned to Milk for more beauty looks.

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