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About Face: Sweet Mutuals

Ali, also known as @sweetmutuals on Instagram, is the makeup artist whose ever-creative, ever-dazzling, and ever-imaginative looks have got us convinced that she’s the future of makeup. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll see rows and rows of her inventive art, whether it’s a full-face landscape painting, a glittery, high-gloss beat, or a fresh face decorated with delicately-placed flowers. Known best for her seamless full-face paintings, looks inspired by brand logos, and her incorporation of 3D materials like beads, string, and dried flowers, Ali’s effortlessly eye-catching works of art have attracted over 33,000 followers on Instagram and counting. Scroll to see how she’s redefining makeup one awe-inspiring look at a time.

Look OneI was inspired by @jamesjeanart to create this piece. The colors that I selected reminds me of space in a very pastel way.  Combining the palettes from @strobecosmetics and @claropsyche, as well the ‘Water Bearer” pigment from @colorpopcosmetics really helped this look come to life.  I used @muddybody_ detox face mask to create the lines in this piece. The lines was my take on @jamesjeanart work as well as my interpretation of the Milky Way. The lashes really make the whole look for me.

Look TwoI would like to start off by saying shout out to this @colorpop gloss and the sun for making this look bomb!! I found these flowers in an old picture frame when my father and I were spring cleaning. I don’t know how he did it but took the frame apart and with a scalpel, I got these beautiful dried flowers. The eye look created from @strobecosmetics ‘Divinity Palette’ really compliments the flowers on my face. I’m, once again, thankful for the sun because if it wasn’t out I don’t think the look will be as powerful.

Look ThreeThis look, in my opinion, really put @sweetmutuals on the map, which is odd because at the time I didn’t particularly care for this look. This lovely drag is from @theblackgirlplug and is the inspiration for this look. The Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight I used really made this look pop. I really enjoy the simplicity in this look and shows you then there is beauty in makeup and in makeup art. I realized both my beauty and my influence.

Images courtesy of Sweet Mutuals

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