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1/28 — Sunny Serrano



About Last Friday: 'Striptastic' Book Launch Party

A lot of crazy shit has gone down in Milk’s JamRoom. Last Friday, we had an event that will go down in the books as one of our best, celebrating the release of Jacqueline Frances’ (AKA Jacq the Stripper‘s) new hardcover book of illustrations, interviews and survey data, titled STRIPTASTIC! (we also celebrated Jacq’s first, titled The Beaver Show; peep it here).

Stripper culture is largely misunderstood, which is why Jacq (who refers to herself as being on “a slutty, funny, and feminist crusade”) is out here educating people. She even went so far as to speak with nearly 300 international strippers in order to put forth a collective narrative about women who love their bodies and what they choose to do with them; as Jacq puts it, the book is “a celebration of dope-ass cunts who like money.” It’s rare to find a read that’s as education as it is funny, not to mention fucking beautiful.

 The pics really speak for themselves on this one. Performers included Dahlia, Sunny Serrano, and @Weed_Slut_420. Having FOMO? Then grab yourself a copy of STRIPTASTIC!, here.

Images courtesy of Benjamin Lozovsky / BFA.com

Stay tuned to Milk for more stripper slayage. 

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