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About Last Night: Amber Mark Took Over The JamRoom

Last night’s epic rager in the dark, smoky four walls of the Milk JamRoom was also a homecoming for its guest of honor: Amber Mark. Known by most as the mysterious R&B prodigy who went viral after her upload of “S P A C E” to Soundcloud last spring, Mark’s introduction to the Milk fam started way prior, with a gig as a barista for the 8th floor Smile cafe. And if humble beginnings is her MO, then add lit performer to the list: because last night was fire.

At around 8 pm on a warm Thursday evening, guests piled into the JamRoom, and the scene quickly went from an empty artist’s den to a rager packed to the gills. Mark took the stage and the volume increased tenfold. What followed was an epic performance, mostly highlighting Mark’s debut album 3:33 am, which dropped last month to rave reviews. As the hours sped past and guests eventually said their goodbyes to the iconic space and singer, one thing was certain: Amber Mark is here to stay.

Stay tuned to Milk for more JamRoom ragers.

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