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About Last Night: AZ Skate Tour Screening of "Chimba De Parche"

Everybody knows that the Milk Digital Bar is the go-to place for the coolest video screenings in town, and last night was no exception. Presented by AriZona Iced Tea Skateboarding and edited by Josh Zickert, the premiere of Chimba De Parche follows Brandon Bonner on the Columbia leg of the AZ Skate Tour.The film was shot entirely in the streets of Medellin, and features Brandon Bonner, AKA Bonestalone, as he spent eight days skating, filming, and living with Colombian pro-skaters Jose and Juan Pablo Velez. Translating roughly to “epic spots,” “Chimba De Parche” is appropriately named and a must-see for skate enthusiasts and film geeks alike.Filmed by Paloma and Camesagi and photographed by Diego Vallejo, Chimba De Parche is the full AZ Skate Tour experience, documented. See for yourself below:

AriZona Iced Tea in Medellin, Chimba De Parche Full Video

Slideshow images courtesy of Jon Krippahne; film stills courtesy of Josh Zickert

Stay tuned to Milk for more from skate-tastic street culture.  

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