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About Last Night: Gabriel Perez Silva x Scoliosis Foundation Ghana

Last night Gabriel Perez Silva, the NY-based fashion photographer, held his second annual charity showcase in Soho to raise awareness for his foundation, Scoliosis Foundation Ghana. Silva was diagnosed with Scoliosis during middle school, a condition that left him in pain for much of his high school career. Now an established photographer, it became Silva’s dream to help other kids affected by the condition, especially those who did not have the means or access to better medical treatment. After overwhelmingly positive feedback from his first charity showcase for the Scoliosis Foundation Ghana last year, Silva held the event again this year in an attempt to further push his philanthropic agenda.

Trendy guests and friends of Silva gathered at the showcase sipping wine and musing at the photographer’s framed photos which hung on walls. As the night progressed the room filled up with the rich energy of Silva and his guests celebrating the fruit of a successful event.

Special thanks to Polaroid Originals.

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