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1/14 — Emma Brinkman & Hillary Lui



About Last Night: JZ Radical & His Crew Took Over The Milk Digital Bar

Last night our main man JZ Radical—professional skateboarder, owner of the famed Natural Koncept Skateboards, and the Global Director of AriZona Iced Tea’s skate program—stopped by MILK to screen the latest films from tours in Mexico City and New York City.

Slideshows of the adventures played while our crew got prepped with a few glasses of wine and La Esquina tacos, quesadillas, and chips and guacamole.

As soon as the tour videos started, everyone was in awe watching the insane tricks take place by Bonestalone, Jose Velez, Juan Pablo Velez, Chris Kays, and Carlo Carezzano.

The crew is off to Paris next month for the City of Light De’Ja’ Vu tour. Keep an eye out for the AriZona crew skating the Louvre or hanging at Palais De Tokyo.

Images courtesy of Jatniel Lopez, Michelle Buswell & Blair Alley

Stay tuned to Milk for more skate culture.

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