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About Last Night: King Krule Took Over LA

“I’ve never puked before a show”, mumbled Archy Marshall as he stepped on stage for the encore of the first night of his sold-out LA shows. “I OOZed,” he said as he went into “Easy, Easy”.

Marshall, most famously known as King Krule, but also known as Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports, Edgar the Beatmaker/Breathtaker, Lankslacks, or The Return of Pimp Shrimp, just released his newest album “The OOZ” this past October. Marshall explained this concept of “oozing” during an interview with Pitchfork, in which he called it, “the shit you do subconsciously, like the snot, the earwax, your spit, your jizz, your piss, your shit, your beard, your nails. You don’t ever think, ‘Wow, I’m actually pushing all this stuff constantly – my brain’s creating all this gunk, this force-field.’”

With shows selling out all over the map, photographer Dana Boulos and MILK.XYZ were lucky enough to experience it firsthand at The Teragram Ballroom.  Krule was supported by Standing on the Corner, an NYC based group, whose standout song of the night was about the train in New York. “It always lets you down”, explained lead singer Demarcus. Truer words have never been spoken.

If you weren’t able to get tickets to King Krule’s second show at the El Rey tonight, make sure to stop by his Pop Up/Capsule Release at Babylon LA. Limited Merch available!

Images courtesy of Dana Boulos

Stay tuned to Milk for more dope show recaps. 

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