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About Last Night: Long Live Legs!

Last night was all about the Milk fam as we all headed up to the penthouse for Long Live Legs, a party celebrating how far our in-house video production team has come. With the lights low, the music pumping from DJ Total Fitness, and the smoky atmosphere, there was a serious Euro club vibe to the night, which means it was wild. When people weren’t slaying it on the dance floor, they were taking in the dope installations by Lauren Nikrooz, like a wall covered in basketball hoops to help you dunk without any effort, and old TVs stacked on top of each other playing vintage porn.

If the crowd and the art was too much, walking outside to look out over the Hudson from the patio made everyone feel like a VIP. Friends like photo rockstar Hunter Barnes, Jaden’s boo Sarah Snyder, and models like Ceilidh Joy (who ‘grammed a friend licking the boobs on an ice sculpture!) and Carlos Santolalla came out to feel the good vibes. The bottles kept popping and the party went late into the night, reiterating the theme of the evening: Long Live Legs!

To learn more about Legs, check out their website

Photography by Andrew Boyle

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