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1/19 — Hanne Gaby Odiele



About Last Night: Milk Holiday Party At The Standard Biergarten

This year, we moved from the warehouse to the garden for our annual Milk Holiday Party, but still kept it suitably lit. The takeover of the Beirgarten at the Standard brought out pitchers of lager, giant pretzels that could’ve doubled for centerpieces if they weren’t so good, and more sausage than a New York bathhouse. A buffet table of delicious food (steak was involved), and a line of drinks just waiting to be knocked back, greeted early guests so that they could pad their stomachs before the holiday cheer turned to full rager.

As the night crept on and the line for the photo booth stretched through the beer hall, DJ Prince Terrence and Kissey spun everything from “Hotline Bling” to “Jingle Bells” to keep the dance floor moving. Pushing through the Biergarten’s crowd while holding tight to one of the superbly mixed drinks quickly became an exercise in who’s who as the giant Milk New York family intermingled with clients and friends. Guests included Theophilus London, Jacqueline Jablonski, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Ben Watts, Zanna Roberts Rassi and young creatives like Carlos Santolalla, Chloe Wise, and Michael Bailey Gates.

Drink after drink, the party raged on until they finally kicked us out for the night. People grabbed their instant pictures from the Santa-themed photo booth and finished their drinks as another wild Milk holiday party came to a close. While you lay in bed this morning trying to remember what happened, let these non-alcoholic shots help lull you out of your hangover. Happy holidays, everyone!

Polaroids by Dane Brown

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