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About Last Night: Salt-n-Pepa And Santigold Slayed Milk Makeup Rager

To say that last night was one of the best Milk parties in our 20-year history would be a colossal understatement. The most notable names in the New York party and art scenes joined the Milk fam for the event that’s been years in the making. Posted up in the Milk Gallery, last night’s Milk Makeup launch party was hot enough to melt the snow piled up outside, and to ignite the crowd. Even before the party started, a private dinner in our penthouse studio, featuring jams by DJ Siobhan Bell, set off the celebration of Milk’s first foray into makeup. From the dinner to the dance floor, New York street style mixed with blazers and button-downs for a truly unforgettable night. The party was hosted by Zoë Kravitz and Samantha Urbani, and everyone from Jaden Smith to Ashley Smith showed up. Other notable guests included Andreja Pejic, Jillian Mercado, Waris Ahluwalia, Hari Nef, Sarah Snyder, and Jenné Lombardo; and of course the Milk Makeup founders, Mazdack Rassi, Zanna Roberts RassiGeorgie Greville, Dianna Ruth and Frank B.

As the beats pumped through the Gallery, dance-offs were breaking out all across the floor even before the first performance took to the stage. By the time Leikeli47 emerged, drinks had been filled and bodies were swaying to the beat—and the alcohol was pumping through their veins. After getting the Gallery heated with a visceral mix of ditties (including the song in Milk Makeup’s intense intro video), the mysterious masked rapper slid into the crowd for the next act. After a quick trip to the bar to refill, Santigold came through and lit up the crowd with a set of hits that made our drinks splash wildly and our fragile plastic cups fly every which way until they were discarded in every corner like little tombstones saying RIP to our sobriety.

As Santigold left the stage, it was hard to imagine how the night could get any better—that is, until our ’90s dreams came true. Salt-n-Pepa, the historic rap duo that’ve been making hits and pushing it real good for over 30 years took the stage for a medley of throwbacks and bangers. The performance whipped the crowd into a frenzy, as one of the first all-female rap groups in music history reminded everyone how to get down.

And the insanity didn’t end with Salt-n-Pepa either. We weaved through the crowds going back into the city streets and remixed our ignition, because after the show there’s the afterparty. While we didn’t make it to the hotel lobby, we did rage at an after hours event that didn’t clear the lobby until around four—or at least according to the people who hadn’t blacked out by then. Milk’s Jam Room turned into a sweaty, messy, wild time, with people literally swinging from the rafters. The stage was packed with partiers dancing to the best slaps from DJ Prince Terrence. As his set wound down, the mood turned electric and the room went wild for the main event. Rap goddess Junglepussy made our pussies pop and brought a fiery hyped-up set that proved that, even after three killer shows upstairs, the rage never ends. 

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle, Sarah Kjelleren, and Zlatko Batistich.

Stay tuned to Milk for more event coverage. 

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