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1/18 — Eileen Kelly



About Last Night: The 'Lust' Zine Launch With Killer And A Sweet Thang & It's Not Personal

In case you missed it, last night was a big one for publishing pair Killer And A Sweet Thang & It’s Not Personal, who jointly released their new digital zine titled Lust, designed by Briana Scripture. With each platform representing all the shit we love about sex, dating, and identity narratives, it was an event bound to please—no pun intended. Lust is bringing together 29 different contributors to dive deep on the topic of lust, creating what they’ve coined a “physical, emotional and spiritual experience—a thrilling and insatiable fixation that can freeze time and taste sweeter than candy.” 

We like to say Killer And A Sweet Thang provides the sex-ed we wished we had growing up,” Founder Eileen Kelly says. “Exploring lust and desire are part of the human experience. We don’t think you can talk about it enough.”

Bringing together 29 different contributors means hearing 29 different opinions, experiences, and POVs. There’s a magic that happens when a group of people largely unknown to each other comes together to create content, and Lust is the product of expert curation combined with heartfelt, thoughtful submissions.

I was most surprised by the ways in which the work felt really different but at the same time really similar,” It’s Not Personal Co-founder Sara Radin says. “I loved the collaborative process of looking through all of the visual and poetry submissions, and working together to make an anthology that elevated everyone’s work individually but also was able to tell a cohesive and comprehensive story.”

One key component of the Lust zine is the message that no one is alone—that though our experiences may differ, each is intrinsically valuable and valid.

Lust and sexuality in general are such individual experiences, and I think this zine showcases how many points of views exist on the topic,” Kelly says. “Hopefully this project will remind people they’re not alone in their feelings, that everyone desires—regardless of whether or not it’s requited.”

With Milk fam like MI Leggett and Sam Stoich making an appearance in Lust, the zine is clearly repping an all-star roster. If you missed the launch event last night, not to worry—you can cop a look at the digital zine here and see photos from the party in the slideshow above.

Images courtesy of Deana Biagi

Stay tuned to Milk for more sex ed. 

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