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1/28 — Scott Campbell, Lake Bell



About Last Night: The Magic of Scott Campbell's Tats

Last night, the Milk Gallery had an electric air to it as we hung out to celebrate the closing of Scott Campbell‘s installation, Whole Glory. Scott wasn’t even present for the first hour of the shindig because he was still behind the wall’s now famous tattoo glory whole, finishing his last piece of the series. The crowd eagerly watched the final participant, Nate Schlie, wait for his arm to be released and what was pulled out was as incredible as the rest of the work created by Campbell during his four day tattooing extravaganza.

Half a hyper-realistic skull, and half a thick-lined, simplistic sunset design, the tattoo was truly a sight to behold. We talked to Nate once it was completed. “It was truly a transformative experience,” he said, still shaking from the excitement and adrenaline.

Once the artist himself came out, everyone stopped and cheered for the man who did nothing but tattoo hopeful fans all weekend. “It was interesting to have this intimate connection with these people and not even know their face,” Campbell reflected. “From my side, I felt there was this understanding between us: ‘I acknowledge the gesture of you putting your arm through that hole, and I’m going to take care of you.'”

Scott sure did take care of everyone, stopping to have a chat with everyone he tattooed. Among the guests that night were Campbell’s wife, Lake Bell, her Children’s Hospital co-star Malin Akerman, Vashtie, model/photographer Carlos Santolalla, Nick Hadad, and footwear king Matthew Chevallard.

It was a joyous night of camaraderie, and a celebration of what a little trust can do when you’ve got the right person to rely on.

All photos by Zlatko Batistich

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