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About Last Night: Tino Razo's "Party In The Back"

As the weather begins flirting with spring, it’s time NYC admits to its annual California dreaming: think palm trees, 80-degree weather, beaches, and the ultimate skateboard culture. So close, and yet so far away.

This year, though, the dream is not quite as distant. Enter Tino Razo, who, as a former New Yorker turned LA-devotee, created Party In The Back. A book and photo series of abandoned swimming pools throughout SoCal, Party In The Back celebrates thrill-seeking skaters and their inner desire to perform Bart Simpson-inspired backside hurricanes, live for the moment, and embrace the unexpected.

Last night, Tino Razo showcased his three-years-in-the-making project at Milk Gallery, curated by the idealistic Johan Kugelberg. Photographs depicting once-luxurious deserted pools, hardcore skaters, sunsets, and bungalows made solely for skate breaks adorned the walls, while tunes from the DJ booth kept the gallery atmosphere hype all night. As guests sipped on cups of wine and bottles of Bud Light, we caught the most supreme of house party feels. The lively crew, decked out in Vans and Converse (and many with skateboards in hand, of course), walked around the exhibit raving about how the artist’s wholly unique vision come to life. To cap the evening, guests were treated to an exclusive performance by People Like Us. It was the ultimate merging of art and skate culture, and a night that will not soon be forgotten.

Peep the slideshow above for photos from last night’s opening, and come check the #PARTYINTHEBACK exhibit for yourself—it’s on view at Milk Gallery until March 27.

Stay tuned to Milk for more #TINORAZOxMILK madness.

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