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1/25 — She Marley Marl, James Butler, Leyna Bloom, Ziggy Mack Johnson, Dez, Elle Baness, Rahm-Bow, Toniesha Renee



About Last Night: Treble x Young Hero Celebrate World Pride

Last night, Young Hero teamed up with Treble to bring an extra special ALL OUT TREBLE TUESDAY to life in celebration of World Pride, inside Bushwick’s House of Yes venue. The evening kicked off with a panel of emerging LGBTQ+ creators hosted by Ziggy Mack Jonhson and Dez, where we soaked in some wisdom from the best talent in the industry. 

Panelist Leyna Bloom spoke on representation and why it’s so important: “I was born in a world that I didn’t see myself in. I didn’t see my color, I didn’t see my body, I didn’t see my conversation. I didn’t see myself represented, so I wanted to create a world that I did.” 

…followed by musician Toniesha Renee who hit the nail on the head re: how to conquer the music industry. “One of the main reasons I got in [the music industry]  was because I didn’t see anyone like me. I didn’t see any black, openly lesbian, masculine-presenting gay women behind the scenes. I was like, I wanna do this – I wanna see if I can conquer this.”  

The panel was followed by performances from some of the LGBTQ+ community’s rising stars: Freakquencee, Baby Yors and Maliibu Miitch. Check out the slideshow above for a full recap of last night’s festivities (courtesy of Jagermeister & Runa), and let us leave you with these real AF parting words from Toniesha Renee:

“Although I may look different from you all and I may present myself a different way, I can be an inspiration for a girl to come in after me and be like ‘I can do this shit, too.’”  

Images courtesy of Matthew LeJune & Cameron McMurtrey

Stay tuned to Milk for more Pride coverage. 

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