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ACID NYC Is The Brand Pushing Fashion Into The Future

Designer duo Evelyn Luna and Scott Chester paint the streets of New York City with their vibrant and distinctive fashion line ACID NYCspanning industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, textile design, graffiti, photography, painting, and even gardening. Known for their use of engineered materials and alternative prints, ACID NYC focuses on the beauty of wearable art that can be worn from day to evening. Each piece represents a distinctive aesthetic of its own, while still sustaining a cohesive collection.

Milk sat down with designers Evelyn and Scott to talk more about the collection and the collaborative design process that jumpstarted ACID NYC.

How did ACID NYC begin?

Evelyn: I come from the fashion background. I used to work with Diane Von Furstenberg and Victoria’s Secret, so I’ve always wanted to have my own fashion line. When I met Scott, we just started collabing on some projects. I brought him in to do some designs for me because I knew he has an industrial design background. That was the onset on us starting to work together and eventually leaving our jobs to start this brand together in 2014, eventually releasing our first collection in 2015.

What made you both want to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

Scott: We both went to the High School of Art and Design. She took fashion design and I took industrial design. We were friends back then. I went to college for industrial design and automotive design in Detroit and she went to school at Parsons School of Design and worked at a couple smaller firms. She met some people through her work who eventually connected her to Diane Von Furstenberg.

Evelyn: When I was working with Diane, we needed a particular graffiti inspired piece that embedded architectural design. That was the point I wished I had re-met Scott after 15 years. I called him up and pulled him in to do this project with me. We designed some of the patterns and prints for the collection together and that was the onset of pursuing our brand.

When beginning a collection, how do you embark on the design process?

Scott: The idea is to do something a lot different than following the ages such as the forties, fifties, etc. We focus on where we are now using engineer materials to get certain effects. Most people print stripes, flowers, plaid, but we find alternative prints to reflect those patterns such as using window prints as plaid, cut fruits as flowers, and vegetables as stripes.

Evelyn: We don’t want to do the traditional textile design. We want to go off and interpret patterns differently.

Scott: The idea is to pioneer. Lets go a different way and see what’s possible with these materials and be different than everyone else.

How were you able to choose these vibrant and eclectic textures and prints for your collection?

Evelyn: The prints are unique and vibrant and can be worn from day to evening. The collection of wearable art is inspired by the hidden beauty of our surroundings and focuses on raw materials. What someone else might overlook on their regular walk to work, we would stop and take a picture. We can stop and take a picture of a vine going up a wall or old motherboards and circuit boards based on old photos we had taken. We gather all of that as inspiration.

How is your collaborative relationship with other brands?

Evelyn: At this point, because we’ve been developing our own brand, we haven’t really done much collaboration. We did a show recently with Flying Solo where we showed our fall line and collabed with another designer because their bags went really well with our clothing. We are definitely open to future collaborations.

Scott: Again, the idea is to influence the fashion industry in the future direction. If someone is interested in giving a futuristic spin to their brand, then that is something we would be more interested in doing.

Evelyn: If you look at our clothing, the pieces itself are not outrageous. The prints are what carry the modern and unique element to it while being wearable. Some of our pieces have ruffles and details but it’s still wearable and comfortable.

What differentiates your seasonal collections from each other?

Evelyn: There’s a little twist to everything. I think it’s the patterns more than anything. Our fall cuts are more fitted,  closer to the body, and structured. Our summers on the other hand, are more flowy and “resort-y.” We use a lot of color in the summer.

Scott: People in New York tend to dress dark, black, grey, because the environment is around industrial buildings, asphalt and rain. We enjoy the tropical beauty of resort wear. That’s where color stands out. Even if its a ski resort, we have a sky, trees, and colors.

What was the inspiration behind the latest lookbook?

Evelyn: This collection is inspired by fruits, vegetables, and raw materials. Everything you’re seeing is raw. From fruits and vegetables, to salmon and meat. In the accessories, we brought it to the next level and asked ourselves what we can make out of these things. You can make a sushi roll, a taco, a chocolate covered strawberry. It’s farm to table sustainability.

Stay tuned to Milk for more cutting edge fashion.

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