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Adam Selman is Gonna Outfit Your Sexy-Chic Weekend Getaway [NYFW]

Yesterday, Adam Selman presented his Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear collection, serving up looks for a sexy-chic long weekend getaway to the bay, enjoying late picnics, brunches, and every spritz cocktail you could ever imagine.

Embracing a previous success with the use of denim and check fabric, Selman lifted his classic dynamic by creating versatile silhouettes that deserve more than just a glance, avoiding referential cliches crediting his genius in the design, not the styling, like his denim bikini top, bold red and sheer trench coats, and sheer-glimmering urban pantsuit. The collection itself owns a hygienic, clean sentiment, like when purchasing an outfit or ensemble for a very specific occasion. Pieces that evoke the most awe are the line of dresses that have been strategically flared with pearls or feathers that range from cocktail to evening, allowing the colors like fluorescent orange and green silks to steal the show.

This collection and its garments speak for themselves and proudly scream ‘Adam Selman’, which is a testament to the effortless cohesion each new body of work he produces shares with his previous ones. This presentation and Selman’s earlier successful collections and accessories, specifically his sunglasses, have always teased the thought in my mind: what would Adam Selman couture look like? In the meantime, we all know winter is coming (and in some cases it’s already here), but with this collection on the other side, spring is going to look so good.

Images via Vogue

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