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Adam Selman Looked Like Coachella, Except Cool [NYFW]

Adam Selman is a very, very chill dude. But his SS17 show at MADE New York started with an unexpected, teeny freakout. “It’s never happened before, we’re like the most mellow group. But then a strap broke, and I ripped off a safety pin, and we were stuffing the strap down [the model’s] skirt.” He laughed. “I love that that was the freak out and it wasn’t even that bad.” It really wasn’t. Selman and his team are sweet and relaxed, and you can feel it in the clothes. My friend Parker may have put it best in a text: “Adam Selman is easy, like California Coachella clothes. Only cute and not dumb.” That feels apt.

The designer’s shows are always so, so cool. For the past two seasons I’ve overheard at least one person scream “ALL THE DOWNTOWN GIRLS ARE HERE!” And they all should be. Because as cliché a sentiment as it may be, Selman makes clothes that women (or anyone!) want to wear; a mix of breezy, flattering separates and beautifully constructed dresses that harken back to his days as a costume designer. His aesthetic, often rooted in movies and pop culture—although he told me that he felt more inspired this season by a well-edited apartment, á la Marie Kondo; the color palette looked a lot like the ‘70s classic 3 Women—was probably best summed up with a few of the simplest looks from SS17: sweet dresses with tight bodices and full skirts, paired with details like oversized jackets and exposed zippers that kept them fresh.

Adding to Our Shopping Lists…

A silk shirt covered in prints of naked ladies showing their bits. Selman told us that it was inspired by a reel of authentic 1940s porn he found in a thrift shop. We have a feeling it’s gonna be a hit.

We Can’t Wait To Wear This…

Selman loves him some disco, but everything in his SS17 collection seemed perfect to wear to a Carly Rae Jepsen concert, his trademark denim just dark enough for our current alt queen of pop (no offense to Selman stan Rihanna). But you could also wear them to a party at China Chalet, as surely many of the hip ladies at the show shall do. Or a wallpapering party with Amy Sedaris and Todd Oldham, an activity that inspired one of Selman’s collections and also the #1 party I would pray to any and all Gods to attend.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

A dark, denim dress with lacing in the back was very early Posh Spice, in only the best way. We adored a pink slip covered in what looked like large pearls, and a blue and white striped backless crop top with puffy sleeves and a skintight, floor length matching skirt was particularly stunning.

Surreal Soundtrack…

The show featured tunes by Patrick Cowley, an electronic music pioneer also known for his excellent gay porn soundtracks. Another highlight was a cover of Donna Summer’s “Sunset People,” by Jessica Williams.

The Takeaway…

Selman does a great mix of the ‘70s and the ‘90s; he makes things easy and flirty and fun. But above all, he doesn’t design for just one type of person. “I think asking about [the Adam Selman girl] is sort of an antiquated question,” he said. “My whole thing is that I want to make an offering that is still wearable, still accessible, but then makes a statement whenever you walk into a room. You don’t want to look like someone else. You want to mix it up.”

Photos and landslide by Andrew Boyle.

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