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Admire These 5 Powerful Women Who DGAF About Body Hair

Remember when you failed to shave your armpits and the entire Twittersphere fell into a state of frenzy because of it? No? Well Grimes does, and is having a hard time forgetting it.

The incredible musician and producer extraordinaire told famed fashion designer Stella McCartney in a Teen Vogue interview that she started shaving again this year, and people are still giving her crap about her decisions. “I am rebelling against my previous body hair because now people get mad when I shave my legs,” Grimes explained. “So I’m like, ‘I have the right to shave my legs.’ I think people policing my body either way is bizarre.” We hear you, sister.

The decision to shave your body hair is yours and yours only, yet many people still feel they have a right to dictate what women do with theirs. Women are criticized for both following and not following societal expectations, and frankly, who gives a fuck? These five notable women certainly do not, and are proud to show and shave their body hair whenever and however they please. Let’s celebrate their bad-assery.

Alexandra Marzella

A simple glance at artist Alexandra Marzella’s Instagram page reveals her stance on underarm hair. The first thing you’re likely to notice is there’s a lot of it. And best of all, she shows it off all the time like it’s no big deal—which is exactly how society should consider it. Yet people are so threatened by her body and body hair that her Instagram account has been deleted at least 16 times. The girl has got guts and we can’t get enough.

Work it, hunty.

Miley Cyrus

Last year, controversial artiste Miley Cyrus infuriated the world yet again by posting a photo of her pink armpit hair, and for no reason at all. The Queen of Bangerz refused to shy away after the strong reaction, proudly Instagramming photos of her underarm hair for months before deciding to wax it. Don’t worry, she posted photos of the waxing as well, and we wouldn’t want our Miley any other way.

R.I.P P.I.T @katyweaver

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Molly Soda

OG Tumblr queen and digital artist Molly Soda has never been one to shy away from showing all of her body hair. Mustaches, happy trails, and armpit hair are all proudly prominent on Soda’s Instagram. It’s a noble move, with the aim to empower others. “I think there are a lot of benefits to sharing your ‘reality,’” Soda told Dazed in a panel discussion. “Hopefully someone can see my photo and think, ‘Hey, I have hair on my stomach too’ or ‘my boobs sort of look like that’ and in turn, feel a little less self-conscious.” You go, girl.

No shame in her shave game. Or lack thereof.
No shame in her shave game. Or lack thereof.


God bless Madonna. She’s pushing 60 and still kicks ass more than her younger contemporaries. The undisputed Queen of Pop has never balked at being sexual and provocative at any age, no matter how uncomfortable it might make her audience feel. As far as her armpit hair goes, her Instagram caption says it best, “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!!” And yes, she put in that many ellipses and exclamation points. Thank god for Madge.

Long hair…… Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove

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Sophia Loren

Although the cry for women’s rights to have body hair (as if they don’t have this right to begin with) truly started to gain steam in the past year, there are a few badass, classic women who rocked underarm hair with pride back in the ’50s and ’60s. The iconic Sophia Loren is one of them, and even proudly posed with armpit hair at red carpet events and for the paps. She defied stereotypes of ideal feminine beauty with ease and elegance before (some of) our parents were even born, setting a perfect example for the beautiful feminists of today.

The first and the best.
The first and the best.

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