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'Adorned' Illustrates The Transformative Power of Womenhood

Adaptability is a natural requirement of human developmentour internal landscapes are constantly undergoing a change of some sort that, consciously or not, reflects in our appearance, with an ultimate end goal of aligning the inner with the outer. Adorned, by photographer Elizabeth Wirija, speaks to the self-decoration and transformation of women as they seek to reach an introspective and specified level of beauty. Wirjia says the project, which materializes the intricate art of augmentation, is “a testament of the wonders of an all women of color team and how we make magic in this comfortable, inclusive space.”

Adorned accentuates the elegance of adorning one’s self. Whether it be in paint, clothing, jewelry or scents—there is an intricate art to changing one’s appearance to reach a specified level of beauty. This practice is shared by all living things in different parts of the world and environments. The internal landscape of every being is constantly changing depending on different factors so to match that constant transformation is an important act to reach alignment. Especially women, we value the action of adorning to reach confidence or for the sake of experimentation and also maintain our vessel.”

With that said, check out the full project in the slideshow above.

Images courtesy of Elizabeth Wirija; Styling & Concept: Karina Sharif; Body Paint: Sydney Vernon; Hair: Stazi; Talent: Selah Marley

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