The trans woman and singer used her recent North Carolina show as an opportunity to protest the anti-LGBT laws that are sweeping across America.



Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace says Goodbye to Gender in HB2 Protest

People are rightfully losing their shit in the wake of House Bill 2, the anti-LGBT law passed in North Carolina on March 23rd that states a person may only enter the bathroom or locker room that corresponds with the biological sex on their birth certificate. Performers like Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam have canceled their shows in North Carolina and Mississippi due to this outrageously inhumane anti-LGBT law.

On Sunday night, Laura Jane Grace—the lead singer of punk rock band Against Me!, who publicly transitioned to be a woman back in 2012decided to stick to her band’s scheduled tour dates and perform in Durham, North Carolina. That may not seem like a form of protest in itself, but the stunt she pulled during the show certainly did.

Grace set fire to her birth certificate on stage in protest of the HB2 law. As she watched the embers turning to ash, she said, “Goodbye gender,” and gave a wholly IDGAF wave. Because, if there’s no birth certificate, then there’s no assigned gender, and ultimately, no problem, right? Well that’s the hope, but unfortunately not the reality.

While her display on stage was victorious, she later tweeted about some of the struggles she faces with the HB2 law—and with male restrooms in general. “Just used a men’s restroom in North Carolina,” she tweeted. “Wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

She went on to tweet about what it’s like undergoing hormone therapy treatment and the real threats she and other trans people face in public restrooms.

Her succession of tweets, which she penned from the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, is something to consider. Clearly the safety of American citizens was not on the mind of North Carolina governor Pat McCrory when he signed the HB2.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on transgender rights. 

Photo by Ryan Russell. 

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