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All The Music Video Parties We Wanted To Go To In 2k15

Sometimes it feels like the majority of music videos have something to do with a party: going to a party, getting shitfaced at a party, sleeping with someone at a party. And most of the time the video makes you go “man, I wish I was there.” Including pink gun parties and eating cheeseburgers in a child’s swimming pool, we rounded up five videos in 2015 that made us wish we were raging away.

Party Favors – Tinashe

Basically any Tinashe video could be on the list for a music video we’d love to party in, but
“Party Favors” seems like an obvious choice. Straying away from the “going to the club” trope that can get a little tiresome, Tinashe instead leads a gang of misfits on a — very obviously stoned — adventure. Going to the club can be fun, but what about getting high in an abandoned house with a bunch of beautiful people that very obviously went to art school? That sounds like an almost perfect Friday night to us.

Feelin’ Myself – Beyonce and Nicki Minaj

Can parties exist with only two people? Of course… but only if it’s Nicki Minaj and Beyoncè. Filmed at Coachella — which is essentially a giant party for rich people — the video features Nicki and Beyonce having the kind of fun that only millionaires can really have. From iconically eating a cheeseburger to playing in a kiddie pool, every shot gives us major FOMO. And essentially, isn’t that the entire point of a video? Of course, you can still only watch the whole thing on Tidal.

Everybody In The Club Gettin’ Shot – Father

Fuck normal parties–we want to party with Father. The whole video seems like an absurdist fever dream about the color pink. We definitely want to roll with a freaky, rose-colored squad like Father does — although playing spin the bottle with a knife might be pushing it a little far. Another departure from the “going to the club” video — which  we know can be done well — it’s an interesting twist on the trope into something that feels brand new.

Flesh Without Blood/Life In The Vivid Dream – Grimes

It’s debatable that Grimes’ “Flesh Without Blood” video is really about a party, but it’s so celebratory that we’re counting it! From cowboy hats to Victorian garb, Grimes’ double feature video is like the best costume party you’ve ever been invited to. Of course, the evening spirals into some light stabbing and blood–soaked clothes, but we can just pretend that the event is intensely dedicated to its “aesthetic.”

Come and Get Her – Rae Sremmurd

Have you ever gone to a club and it’s nothing like you expected? That’s the basic premise of Rae Sremmurd’s video “Come and Get Her.” While it might not have soundtracked your summer like “No Type” did, the song is catchy, and the video is bound to make you smile. The young rappers end up in a cowboy bar, so what else is there to do but go wild? It’s a culture clash that actually seems enjoyable.

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