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1/14 — Photo by Sonny Vandevelde.



Altuzarra is Making A Pretty Fine Case For Boho

If you were to tell me that the word “boho” sends shivers down your spine, you would be entirely within reason. The term recalls fringed ponchos, cheap silver and turquoise jewelry, smelly tipis, and faux chillness—and is unequivocally unnerving. When its heyday in the early 2000s finally came to an end, we all uncinched our waists and let out a collective sigh of relief. But after Altuzarra’s Fall/Winter ’16 show today, I’m beginning to have second thoughts.

For, the NYC based designer and a friend of a friend to many sent models down the runway with cinched waists that did not cinch my eyes. In fact, they were rather delightful to look at. The whole collection could be described as “boho,” and yet it was an ilk of boho that I had never met before. Ladies and gentlemen, meet boho minus the boohoo.

It was a medley of beautiful prints—paisley, dainty florals, geometric patterns—lots of which looked like they were scraps of scarves. Despite this, they managed to fit together quite seamlessly, due in part to the cohesive black, white, grey, and navy color palette. And the scarf motif continued into long, flowy dresses—some even sequined!—and long jackets. There were a host of shearling jackets as well—some in a deep maroon with navy accents, and others in that same delicate floral pattern—that “got” Emily Ratajkowski. And then there were the knits, which had leather strips braided throughout, and which you will definitely want.

According to Joseph Altuzarra, the collection started with an inuit parka, and we can only thank him for steering the clothes in the right direction—and not making a wrong turn towards fringed rompers and flower crowns.

Somewhere, Sienna Miller is salivating.

Photos by Sonny Vandevelde

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