Amanda Lepore: 'I'm the craziest thing at fashion week'

It’s no surprise to run into the legendary Amanda Lepore at The Blonds‘ shows for MADE Fashion Week, but it’s still always a delight. For this season, the nightlife icon was dressed to impress, sporting an all-red look to pair with her signature blond bob. In between posing for the endless swarm of cameras around her, Miss Lepore share with us what the craziest thing she’s seen at fashion week is and shows some love for The Blonds.

It’s nice to see you again! You always come to The Blonds’ show. What’s your favorite thing about it?

I think all the kids are here and they’re dressed up and it’s more like a party. It’s more clothes that I could and would wear (laughs). I like party things. I don’t have a daytime job. I work in nightclubs and I do shows around the world, so I love exciting, sexy, glitzy clothes that you can go out in and perform in and go onstage in.

You look fabulous, are you wearing The Blonds tonight?

I’m not. My friend made me a corset and then I just kind of matched it. I had this skirt done by Garo Sparo, and I kind of matched it because the colors go from burnt black to burgundy to red. I love matching things.

I love the red, red, red! You’ve been to a lot of fashion shows. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen?

Probably me going to the Heatherette show in the pink mane. I was a nightmare! (laughs)

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Photography by Andrew Boyle

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