Today at the Adam Selman show, we chatted with Amy Sedaris about Debbie Harry, crazy roommates, and industrial zippers.



Amy Sedaris Talks Adam Selman & Her 'Difficult People' Cameo [NYFW]

Granted we weren’t there to witness the Red Sea part, but if we had to guess, we think it probably felt similar to the feeling we got when we spotted Amy Sedaris today at the Adam Selman show at MADE New York. The perennially spunky comedian might not exactly fit the “mold” of the typical NYFW attendee, but then, that’s what makes these types of sightings so beautiful; in an expanse of models and resting bitch faces, female comedians of this caliber are like godsends. Luckily, we were able to catch this lady godsend for a hot minute.

So I know you and Adam have been collaborators for a really long time—do you two have anything coming up? 

Well he’s gonna make a dress for me for something coming up so we’ll collab on that. [It’s] for the Clio Awards.

What kind of clothes do you like him to make for you? 

I usually like dresses. I like to show my legs and my arms. And then he’ll throw out some ideas, I’lll throw out some ideas, and then [we] see what happens. I like industrial zippers, [and] more costume-y stuff.

It's happening!!!!! @adamselman #nycfashionweek

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And how’s your fashion week going so far? 

This is the first thing I’ve gone to. I think it’s the only thing I’ve gone to. It’s not my crowd! But I love watching everybody.

I just saw you in the finale of Difficult People….

I missed it last night, but I have to watch it, it’s such a funny show.

What’s it like to work with Debbie Harry?

I mean, come on! She’s fantastic. She’s so much fun and so open and likes to tell lots of stories.

She plays your roommate [in the Difficult People episode]what do you think it would be like to live with her? Would you guys get along? 

No! I mean yeah maybe, but she plays the piano, so that’s a no.

#nyfw is over because @adamselman just killed it.

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Have you had any crazy roommates in your life?

I [did] in the ’80s… but you know. That’s when you appreciate living by yourself.

And I love your cooking and crafting books, do you have any projects coming up?

Nothing worth talking about!

Do you have any good recipes that you recommend for fall? What do you think we should all eat right now?

Anything and everything! Put some weight on these bones! Everybody!

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Marie Tomanova.

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