Meet Scott James, a classically-trained rising artist you need to know. Check out his new video below.



An Emotional, Surreal Music Video You Need To See [Premiere]

We millennials adore the warm comfort of the internet. We occupy ourselves with Instagram selfies, Facebook diary entries, and even Pokémon Go zombie walks through city streets. Every move is archived to screens, but for the classically-trained artist Scott James, 21, the Internet’s grasp is fleeting. After scrubbing all of his old music away and starting fresh, he’s focusing on actually making eye contact with people for his new single, “In The Passing.” We’re pumped to exclusively premiere it below.

This video is about people looking at each other. We were inspired by old Whitesnake videos and the phenomenon of synesthesia,” he explained ahead of the exclusive video release. Synesthesia, for those not well-versed in neurological conditions, is when you hear colors, feel sounds and taste shapes (without the aid of hallucinogens). With a slow, crawling beat that fights back against the vicious pace of the Internet and soulful crooning vocals, it’s a mental break with enough sultry lyrics to make you wish you’d played it during your last Tinder hookup. You should def add James to your sex playlist.

We were left wondering what to expect from the promising young artist. “As of now, I only have enough space in my brain to think about finishing those records, but I do know that I’d like to be mobile and flexible in the future,” he shared. “These days I want to be a lot of people.”

See Scott James play tonight with JIL, at 7PM at 208 Bowery. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more emerging artists. 

Images courtesy of Scott James 

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