Challenging everything you thought to be true, “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and Weapon" is on view until January 21, 2018.



An Exploration of Gender Identity This Month at The New Museum

The New Museum’s latest debut, “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and Weapon”, is a window into a world where gender binaries have been carefully deconstructed. The three-floor exhibition showcases over 40 artists’ exploration of gender representation at the intersection of politics, sexuality, and race.“Trigger” is the first major mainstream exhibition that’s focused on rattling an antiquated social structure and embracing gender fluidity. The intergenerational artists featured include Justin Vivian Bond, Liz Collins, House of Ladosha, and Mariah Garnett, to name just a few. Through a broad range of mediums, each installation is a thought-provoking—and at times confusing (in the best possible way)—extension of the artist’s personal experience. Every painting, poem, sculpture, and film promotes inclusivity and resistance through the lens of gender, ultimately challenging everything you thought to be true. An exhibition of this scale comes at a pivotal time when hurdles regarding transgender rights continue to make headlines. The show’s name itself is self-explanatory—gender is dynamic, complicated, and nuanced but there’s obvious power in expression. Curator Joanna Burton states, “Beauty and pleasure are really primary for these artists and are seen as a mode of resistance.”

“Trigger: Gender as a Tool and Weapon” will be on display at the New Museum until January 21, 2018.

Images via Vulture and The New York Times

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