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Analyzing The Best Of NYFW With Ashley Smith

Fashion Week: we came, we saw, we…sort of conquered? At least we made it out alive! It was, as per usual, a wild, fantastically crazy week, and we’re still in the middle of processing it. To get to the bottom of this season’s trends, we reached out to one of our favorite stylish people: model Ashley Smith. Ashley analyzed some of the best of the Fall/Winter ’16 trends with Wishbone, an app where you can create your own polls. Using some of Milk’s Wishbone cards, which allow users to vote on which looks they liked the best, we got some insight into the shopping season ahead. Rad.

The Blonds look or Narciso Rodriguez look?


I chose The Blonds. I’ve worn them out multiple times, and I feel like for my body type, something like this is much more my style. It’s glammy and out there, a little more “raver girl.” I would wear it to a Jeremy Scott party or something. I love the hair too. It would be awesome to go out in something like that, but that’s just me. I’m a little edgy, like I was discovered at a punk show, and I like to have fun with brighter, louder things.

This seemed like an obvious choice to me, because [The Blonds look] seems to attract more attention. The other look is a bit more safe. It’s also not as revealing as the Blonds, so I could see why people would go for it.

Which Rodarte look?


I went for the leather, because that’s what I like; I go for darker things. I’m not an angelic type when it comes to fashion, and the leather is just edgier, which I like. I really like Rodarte. It’s funny, because these two are from the same show, but they’re totally different vibes. [The leather] is so much tougher, so New York. Even their faces have totally different attitudes. So they’re both beautiful, but I like to go edgier.

I think I toned down my style when I first came to New York, at least until I figured out how to look grown up and edgy at the same time. When I moved here I was 18 years old, and I was just wearing band t-shirts and skinny jeans and I had rainbow hair with a bunch of piercings. I feel like I’m still that girl, but I’ve refined it a little bit. I have more leather jackets now. So I like this trench coat, woman of the night style outfit.

These girls from the Rodarte show are so cute. They look like they’re having fun. The adrenaline rush of coming off of a runway is crazy. It’s like night and day—you’re out there, and you’re so focused. But then you finish, and you’re just like, “I did it! I didn’t fall!” It’s just fun. There’s a ton of energy backstage. I’m really into theatrics and stuff, so it’s my way of maintaining a sense of performance. I’ve done shows where they let me do whatever I want on the runway. With shows like Betsy Johnson or Vivienne Westwood, they really just want you to have fun. I closed the Vivienne Westwood show once, wearing the bridal dress, and I got to throw the bouquet and dance down the runway. I love it when the girls look like they’re having more fun.

Which Eckhaus Latta look?


For me, it was an obvious left, and it didn’t win. That could partially be because I’m friends with the model, Michael Bailey-Gates. But this dress would not look good with my body shape. I couldn’t play with it, like the fur on the left side. It’s more fun, and it seems like there’s more attitude. The dress is a little more boho, and the coat is a little more “New York punk,” and that’s what I always go for.

The collection on the whole is really amazing. My roommate, Chloe Wise, has done their shows before, too. It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come in just a few seasons. It’s really out there, but done well. The color palettes are always really on point at Eckhaus. Those pastel-y, kind of grungey white colors and browns—I just love that. I like how there’s a messiness to their clothes but that they’re still finished so well. I like that contrast.

Yeezy or Rihanna x Puma?


Rihanna won. The girls all looked amazing. They were super fierce, and you could tell that they loved being in the show. I love that kind of street style vibe too. I’ve been wearing a lot of bucket hats lately, and a lot of silver chokers and body chains and cropped sweatshirts and things. So I want this entire collection, everything is so good.

I didn’t follow Yeezy too much because of the past seasons. It just doesn’t pop to me; it seems kind of militant, in a way. It’s not as free as Rihanna’s collection, which seems to be more about female empowerment. [Kanye] makes some really great pieces, but the way that they’re put together doesn’t stand out to me.

Charli XCX or Sita Abellan?


Just based on these two pictures alone, I think that Sita’s outfit is more eye-catching and fashion forward. So for a fashion week sort of thing, I think that Sita should definitely be the winner. But it makes a lot of sense why Charli won. I feel like, for a lot of people who aren’t in the New York scene of music and fashion, [Sita’s] name just isn’t a household one like Charli’s is. But Sita looks amazing all the time. She’s always bedazzled and wearing a lot of Discount Universe, and I love that kind of stuff.

I’ve only really done two fashion weeks so far, as far as watching the shows and everything, so I’m kind of experimenting with my clothes. I do really like formfitting stuff. This season, I wore designs from my friends at Franziska Fox, who make kind of fitted, stretchy outfits. I just tried to do fun, eye-catching stuff; one night I just wore jeans with an O’Mighty Weekend cropped shirt and a backwards hat. I’m kind of all over the place with my style. You just have to rock it!

If you want to get more into fashion, I think education is really important for refining your style. Read magazines and blogs, and follow people online who’s style you really like—for example, I started following Sita before we became friends. Making connections with designers is always good, too—they like to lend out pieces to their friends. Education is everything!

Stay tuned to Milk for more trend analysis.

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