Anish Kapoor against the blackest black of all that ever blacked.



Anish Kapoor Now Owns The World's Darkest Color, Marilyn Manson Weeps

Sculptor Anish Kapoor has retained the rights to the darkest color in the world: Vantablack. It’s a black just dark enough to represent our very souls, or an endless tunnel into the seventh circle of hell. Looking at Vantablack is sort of what we might imagine a Dementor’s Kiss to be like: cold, frightening, and the beginnings of a descent into madness that one may never be rescued from.

Vantablack is so dark that it makes this tinfoil look flat. We're in love.
Vantablack is so dark that it makes this tinfoil look flat. We’re in love.

Vantablack was developed by scientists at Surrey NanoSystem in 2014, and it absorbs 99.965% of all light. It’s even been used to conceal fighter jets—this paint stuff could be utilized in so many ways on the Death Star. “The nanostructure of Vantablack is so small that it virtually has no materiality,” Kapoor told Artforum. “It’s thinner than a coat of paint and rests on the liminal edge between an imagined thing and an actual one. It’s a physical thing that you cannot see, giving it a transcendent or even transcendental dimension, which I think is very compelling.”

Kapoor is now the only artist that can use the material, and other artistic types aren’t pleased. According to the Daily Mail, artist Christian Furr really has his knickers in a twist about it. “I’ve never heard of an artist monopolizing a material,” he said. “Using pure black in an artwork grounds it… We should be able to use it. It isn’t right that it belongs to one man.” We feel your pain, dude. We would love to have a physical representation of our black, black hearts. Ah, well. There’s always Sharpie.

Photo via Surrey NanoSystem. Original imagery by Kathryn Chadason.

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