Even after crafting one of the best and most critically acclaimed protest albums in years, Anohni isn't finished. Now, the musician will be taking her message to an art exhibition in Germany.



Anohni Will Take Her Political Passion From Music to an Art Exhibition

For some artists, creating a highly anticipated and critically acclaimed album just isn’t enough. Anohni may have released Hopelessness, one of the most beautifully haunting protest anthems in years, but she’s already set her sights on her next big project—an art exhibition. When we talked to the former Antony and the Johnsons singer last month, we spent most of the conversation talking about the sociopolitical issues that pervade her new album and her daily life. She’s fiercely passionate about everything from the environment and NSA surveillance to drone strikes and queer politics, so it’s no surprise that a single album wouldn’t be enough to quell her activist spirit.

The art show, called Anohni: My Truth, will continue the themes she introduced in her album through original artwork and carefully curated works from a handful of other artists. The exhibition will be housed in the Kunsthalle Bielefeld contemporary gallery in Germany and will debut on July 23rd. For her own pieces on the second floor, Anohni will display everything from “collages made out of found pieces,” to wax paintings, all of which she’s been quietly creating for over a decade while working on her music.

washed in the river and dried over a fire

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The supporting artists in the exhibit were all handpicked by the singer herself, and include late photographer Peter Hujar, American artist James Elaine, and late Japanese Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno. Hujar, who rose to fame when he photographed New York’s elite throughout the ’70s and ’80s as the AIDS crisis began to take its toll, is an obvious addition, given that Anohni wrote an article praising his work in 2007. As is Ohno, who has already inspired much of Anohni’s work. For Elaine, it will be the first time the artist’s melancholic sculptures and drawings are displayed in Europe.

With every piece, the singer will hold true to the issues that she has championed throughout her career; clearly, she’s nowhere near finished talking about the world through every artistic medium possible. It’s time to put aside those feelings of hopelessness, buy that ticket to Germany, and go check out what she’ll reveal next.

Anohni: My Truth will run from July 23rd to October 16th at the Kunsthalle Bielefeld in Germany. More information can be found here.

 Stay tuned to Milk for more political art.

Images via Linda Nylind and Alice O’Malley.

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