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1/6 — Balance. The unicorn of all ideals that Yolanda, like every New York woman, blearily dreamt of the morning after she took on the town wearing her Party Panties. Just how does one say no to a bender to make it to 'Ballet Beautiful,' Mary Helen Bowers?



The Illustrated Misadventures of A Downtown 'It Girl'

Welcome to the second installment of ‘NYC: WTF,’ an exclusive series of drawings created by celebrated illustrator Anouk Colantoni. Want to know what slightly surreal New York life is really like for an independent, single, and sassy woman? Anouk’s got the lowdown.

For Yolanda Lafayette, aka YOLO, life in NYC can get a bit tricky. For downtown girls who like to light up cigarettes and the dance floor, it can be tough to get healthy; spiritually and otherwise. How can you wake up for 6 AM SoulCycle with Bradley Cooper when there’s a new club opening? How can you keep your aura clean when there are handsome men everywhere to dirty it up? It’s tough. But YOLO promises to live ritualistically as a sexy hot mess in a city that never lets you off lightly!

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