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Anzie Dasabe Wants to Normalize Imperfections on Instagram

A simple (and vital) observation of Instagram is that its importance is finite, and its influence, limited. Anzie Dasabe is one model and writer (and famous IG gal) who’s well aware of those social media boundaries—so much so that she’s making a point of declaring them with her art. We invited Dasabe, who previously starred in our Maiden Name Project, to share her musings on life under the Instagram lens through her poetry.

“I feel as though people don’t think of people who are popular in Instagram as real people which is extremely dehumanizing,” she says. “Not only do I want to normalize having a large platform, but I want others to be more comfortable with sharing that they are not perfect all the time as well.”

Read Dasabe’s full piece above, exclusively on Milk.xyz.

Featured image courtesy of Anzie Dasabe

Stay tuned to Milk for more eloquent musings. 

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