Aphex Twin's new video, the enigmatic musician's first in nearly two decades, was directed by an Irish twelve year-old.



Aphex Twin's First Video In 17 Years Was Directed By a 12-Year-Old

Richard D. James, better known as the prolific electronic producer Aphex Twin, has been releasing music steadily since the nineties, albeit under a number of different aliases (AFX, Polygon Window, and Caustic Window, to name a few). His work is dizzying, impenetrable to the casual observer, and somewhat frightening (at least, to me). Despite all this, he counts a massive number of die-hard fans, including one 12-year-old from Dublin, who began taking to YouTube and publishing homemade reviews and music videos.

Making use of hyper-saturated colors and his friends and family as co-stars, Ryan Wyer became something of a mascot in Aphex Twin-world: so much so that James chose him to direct Aphex Twin’s first video in 17 years. With its rag-tag team of primary schoolers often donning Richard D. James Album masks, and filmed on the beach and what is most likely in front of his house, Wyer’s video for CIRKLON3 [Колхозная mix] may not be the product of some big-budget studio, but it certainly fits Aphex Twin’s aesthetic. Plus, it features some of the best dancing you’ve seen in years. One girl even throws in a dab for good measure.

I sincerely hope this kid is nominated for an award. He is so, so much cooler than probably 99% of all the other kids his age. May I suggest he be chosen to do Skrillex’s next video, or better yet, Jack Ü’s? Who needs Bieber, anyway?

Stay tuned to Milk for more intimidating preteens.

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