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Archival Raf Simons Parkas Are Selling For 20K

When Raf Simons released three parkas that he and the UK’s most famous graphic designer, Peter Saville, collaborated on more than a decade ago, the Internet went wild. But unfortunately, it wasn’t in the oh-my-god-I-love-it-and-need-to-have-it-NOW way — but rather, in a what-the-actual-fuck way. The reason behind the overwhelming response probably has something to do with the hefty 20k price tag.  But, let’s be real, if you’re not willing to drop a semester’s tuition on a parka, then who are you really? Maybe a sane and financially conscious person who’s not willing to sell a limb to obtain, as listing site Grailed points out, “a perfect archive opportunity for a collector.”

$40,000 in parkas.

In 2003, Simons collaborated with Saville, creating parkas with Saville’s graphic design carefully handpainted on the back, but only a handful of their pieces were produced. Thirteen years later, three of the original four pieces are up for sale, all for the humble price of $20,000. Despite the unattainable price tag, many users proved that they are either willing to self-mutilate or surgically open up their friends in order to get their hands on one the pieces. “So, how many organs am I gonna have to sell for these?” asked one user. “Gonna kidnap my friend and sell his kidney for these,” said another. Other users noted the real problem though, “damn shipping expensive af,” referring to the $50.00 fee. Goddamnit Grailed, keep it real and help a sister out.

The listing says that the pieces have only been worn once or twice and are in excellent condition, but if you’re not a size medium like all the jackets are, is it even worth paying that much for a hand-me-down? Am I the only one who would rather buy groceries and put money away into my 401k, rather than own an authentic piece? We love you Raf, but what really is the price for being #unique? Apparently, it’s $20,000. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more overpriced stuff.

Images via Vogue

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