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Are Corsets a Thing? An Analysis

If channeling Marie Antoinette vibes is your thing and breathing isn’t, then this year’s most archaic trend is right up your alley. It appears that the corset—the embodiment of “beauty is pain”—might actually be having a comeback. But before Donald Trump announces his wholehearted support of regression in female body positivity, let’s be clear: while there has certainly been a resurgence of waist-cinching undergarments, the new-age corset has appeared in many iterations, some of which are much looser and far less asphyxiating than others. Below, we take a closer look at the most recent corsets to grace the runways.

Fenty x Puma

The baddest gal of them all unveiled her SS17 runway collection back at Paris Fashion Week, and we couldn’t be more into it. Ri Ri proved that she’s not only a talented songstress and dancer, but a fashion design genius too, staying ahead of the curve (pun intended) with none other than the corset. True, the thought of squeezing into one is less daunting when styled with baggy sweats, and because it’s designed by Rihanna, we’re willing to consider turning blue.



Ever the feminist, Miuccia Prada actually made a rather agreeable case for corsets as just another everyday accessory in Prada’s FW16 collection. Corsets were incorporated into most of the looks, yet they were notably worn in a much looser style than their 1700s counterparts. Some were even used practically to keep the structured jackets closed and in place. Brava.



Every major supermodel and their mother (ahem, Kris Jenner) was wearing Balmain in 2016. The highlight look of the Fall RTW collection? Corsets and other shapewear-reminiscent clothing that enhanced models’ curves tenfold. Olivier Rousteing’s pieces were stunning, especially when paired with thigh-high matching boots.



Corsets are pretty alt in themselves these days, but of course, Gucci took the suffocating style to a whole new level. In their Spring 2017 collection, Gucci got gladiator-chic with perhaps the most uncomfortablebut also, the most incrediblecorset we’ve ever laid eyes on. The number is quite literally made of metal; if it weren’t for the floral gown underneath, the look would be straight out of “Game of Thrones.” Cinchwear is coming.



On the Fall 2016 runway, Brock showcased corsets that might actually not be terrible to wear. Why? Because the brand styled the pieces so that only the top clasps were hooked, allowing room for necessary stuff like oxygen. The brand’s silky dresses are elegant and roomy as well, so we can dig it.


Images via Rihanna Daily,, Daily Design News, M2M, and the New York Times

Stay tuned for more demi-questionable fashion trends.

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