Aretha Franklin Made President Obama Cry

It’s Wednesday, December 30th, and it is a very slow day. I attended a Crazy Town concert last night, a band that had a fantastic hit single in the year 2000 (“Come my lady, come, come my lady/You’re my butterfly, sugar, baby“). One of Crazy Town’s two white rappers talked to the crowd about how the days between Christmas and New Years are very disorienting for him. I agree, Crazy Town. I could have sworn today was Tuesday.

I thought that the Crazy Town concert would surely be the musical highlight with which I would close out 2015. But I was wrong. For while “Butterfly” and other nu metal jams are surely melodious treasures, a performance from Aretha Franklin had the power to make President Barack Obama weep. Earlier this month, the Queen of Soul sang at the Kennedy Center Honors, during a tribute to Carole King (CBS aired the ceremony last night). Franklin performed one of her most famous songs, “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” which King co-wrote. And oh, what a performance it was.

Franklin looked absurdly glamorous, as she generally does, in a floor-length fur coat and a pink gown. She sat at the piano–rare for her–and immediately began spouting out a gorgeous rendition of the song. In the footage, as soon as she starts singing, you can catch President Obama wiping a tear from his eye. He wasn’t alone. Other audience members were similarly moved, including Jane the Virgin’s adorable Gina Rodriguez, who can be seen mouthing the words.

Besides the President, our favorite reaction came from King herself, who went absolutely apeshit. It’s awesome. Check out the video above to see the magic.

Stay tuned to Milk for more soul/nu metal updates.

Image via The Orlando Sentinel

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