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1/14 — Julia Fox, Richie Shazam, Matt Sukkar and a friend night swimming at the Nautilus. It was pretty magical.



Art Basel Diary Pt. 2: Versace Mansion, Night Swimming + More

New York is cold, it’s getting dark early, and it’s nowhere near the beach. So in early December, when winter is just starting to get a little too real, the whole city seems to flock down to Florida for Art Basel Miami. There’s art, partying, more partying, and a hell of lot of hangovers. It’s insanely fun and insanely insane. We’re sadly stuck in the office, so we asked Lyz Olko, Director of Operations for the legendary Jane Hotel, marathoner, and the designer behind Lyz Olko Clothing, for an inside look at what’s up in the city beloved by Sisqo and Jewish grandmas alike.

The rest of the weekend at Art Basel was equally nuts. There was some art, a lot of parties, and someone got stabbed (“onlookers thought it was performance art”– insane). I took part in a group show on Friday and Saturday called “This Is Meant To Hurt You,” curated by genius tattoo artist Tamara Santibañez. My friend Marilyn Rondón did an amazing “Sleeping Beauty” installation that was so gorgeous. One of the best parts of going to Basel is that you get to see all the rad stuff your friends make; you don’t always have time in New York. We were all chilling on vacation together instead of working, so even though the weather was stormy and sad, it was really fun.

On Friday afternoon, we hit Casa Casuarina, aka the legendary Versace mansion, for a massive, super crowded party. It was hosted by the Wine n’ Dine App with 1 Oak x Up&Down, and even though it was still basically a hurricane outside, the event was a total rager. There was music by Virgil Abloh, Roofeo from TV On The Radio, and Chapmanand it was loud. Loud in a good, Rihanna way. After that, we went to the A$AP Mob X Know-Wave party at the Shelborne Hotel, where they were putting on what was basically an all-day concert. At the party, we went to a dinner for the Moran Bondaroff Gallery, hosted by owners Al and Mills Moran and Aaron Bondaroff. It was gorgeous, and so many people were at both the dinner and the party: A$AP Rocky, Kylie Jenner, Dev Hynes, Ryan McGinleyJuliana Huxtable, Barbara FerreiraStella Schnabel, ILoveMakonnen, etc. It was a true mix of artists and celebrities, which is really very Art Basel.

That night was the highlight of my trip. The dinner was incredible, and there was a little break in the rain. A bunch of my friends and I took advantage, and we went night swimming at the Nautilus Hotel. It was so beautiful, and such a good note to end the weekend on. When I was at the airport the next day, I was sad to leave — but then a guy got thrown off of my flight for being too drunk. It was time to go.

Art Basel Miami may be over, but stay tuned for more art coverage from Milk. 

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