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1/12 — "I see your true colors." Lovely best friends Mazurbate and Louisa Opalesky at Le Baron.



Art Basel Diary: Partying It Up W/ Virgil Abloh, Mazurbate + More

New York is cold, it’s getting dark early, and it’s nowhere near the beach. So in early December, when winter is just starting to get a little too real, the whole city seems to flock down to Florida for Art Basel Miami. There’s art, partying, more partying, and a hell of lot of hangovers. It’s insanely fun and insanely insane. We’re sadly stuck in the office, so we asked Lyz Olko, Director of Operations for the legendary Jane Hotel, marathoner, and the designer behind Lyz Olko Clothing, for an inside look at what’s up in the city beloved by Sisqo and Jewish grandmas alike.

When I landed in Miami yesterday, it wasn’t just raining–it was a monsoon. Bridges were closed, roads were clogged, and 24 hours later I’m still totally soaked. The craziness didn’t stop, but the parties were all definitely waterlogged. Some sun would have been nice, but everyone looking like a drowned rat is kind of an equalizer. Everyone still went wild, wetness be damned (although I guess that’s kind of an oxymoron). That night, my friends and I from the Westway (RIP!) threw a rager at The Surf Lodge Pop-Up at the Hall Hotel, with music from Virgil Abloh, Yung Jake, and Mazurbate. It was so good, but the night didn’t end there, with a bunch of us heading over to Le Baron. It was lit. Still managed to run today, but we’ll see about tomorrow.

Stay tuned for our next Polaroid diary from Art Basel Miami, provided they don’t get rained on.

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