Swing by the Juxtapoz Clubhouse to check out Andrew Schoultz's skate-able art.



Artist Andrew Schoultz Talks Skate Culture & Thrashing His Work

Andrew Schoultz’s Infinity Plaza installation is not for the faint of heart. It’s gonna get torn up, beat up, and totally shredded. The best part? It’s all part of the plan, and only helps the artist in his mission to bring people together and share the skate culture he loves. The Juxtapoz Clubhouse is in for a treat.

We sat down with Andrew for a quick pre-Basel chat on what makes his installation a meeting place for all sorts of visitors, how he hopes to spread the concept of infinite possibilities, and what he loves most about Miami.

The Juxtapoz Clubhouse is going to be the spot! Do you have friends from all over coming to hang?

Yeah- lots of people coming from all over the place. People are psyched…Miami Basel in general always has that crazy feel….like walking down any street , and just running in to people from all over the world. Definitely super excited about this projectreally like a dream come true. Can’t wait to see the visuals of people skating it and interacting with it. The skaters and viewers become part of the piece and part of the experience.

The skate-able structure is going to be dope; but definitely scratched up after a few days of skating! Is that all part of installation?

It’s going to get shredded and thrashed for sure and that is definitely part of the piece. For me I always love the marks skateboards leave…we (my friends and I) always joke that some wall ride spots look like Cy Twombly drawings, or really amazing abstract pieces…I mean basically I think the thrash marks are just going to make it look better and better.

Is there anyone in particular you hope will come skate the installation?

I would love for all the gnarly Miami locals to come and just kill it…I am not sure if he still lives in Miami, but I would love to see my old friend Joel Meinholz. We are doing a best trick contest—I hand made art trophies for first, second, and third place to commemorate the opening week. We will be doing it all on social media—simply post your trick on Instagram, hashtag it and tag a bunch of us and that’s how we will determine who will take the prizes. There will be a ton of Thrasher gear for the prizes too.

Where do you show the majority of your work? How does this experience of showing at Art Basel Miami differ?

I show in galleries and museums and I do a ton of public murals as well…I have been showing down at Art Basel Miami on and off since 2004. It differs in that it’s complete chaos, and there a million things going on at the same time, so much that you cannot possibly see it all. But hands down the biggest and craziest projects come together for it every year. I think it is alway a good barometer and survey of what’s going on in the art world…and in a few short days you can see more art then you could ever imagine possible…

How has skate culture influenced your artwork?

Skate culture for me has influenced my work in so many ways…but mostly the mentality and DIY attitude is really what has given me the perspective to just go out and do things, thinking outside societal norms, and what is deemed acceptable. This has helped me to just always look at everything and think “what else can you do with this”…Simply put—a bench is for sitting, but also for me it is a super fun thing to skate. Skateboarding is a lifestyle; it enables you to go to any city and meet people. In fact the inspiration for “Infinity Plaza” is just that: it can be a meeting place for people with similar interests to meet, much like a public plaza in a city. Many times these places have become meeting places for skateboarders.

Are there any other exhibitions you’re hoping to check out this week? 

I’m most looking forward to just cruising around and seeing what I run into. This is really fun for me in Miami during Art Basel—just go out and see what you run into. So many things are going on that you are bound to run into something awesome.

Would you ever consider taking this installation around the world?

I would love to do these type of installations all over the world, for sure! Would be my dream…or I would love to inspire others to do similar installations as well. A skate spot is fun…enter a creative artful perspective to the skate spot and I really believe anything is possible. There are “infinite” possibilities with this idea and concept—thus the name “Infinity Plaza.” In some ways I hope this is just the beginning and that this first rendition of it is just a mere hint of what the potential is..

Photo via Juxtapoz. 

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