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Artist of The Week: Carlota Guerrero

Carlota Guerrero most notably broke onto the scene while collaborating with Solange for her 2016 album A Seat at the Table. After Solange’s people reached out to her via Instagram, Guerrero captured the album cover and provided creative direction for the accompanying videos. Since then, she’s most recently shot for Vogue Italia, Givenchy, and Dior. Based in Barcelona, the Spanish artist is known for her evocative, dreamy images in which she taps into the nature of humanity. She believes the common thread of her work is the “honest exploration of [her] obsessions: femininity, our wild side, disconnection from reality, dreams, mystical projections, the joy of being naked…” We chatted with the multi-talented artist about how she overcomes creative blocks, her favorite old films, and the voice she is nurturing.

How has the art scene/community in Barcelona impacted your output of work?

Paloma Wool, Olga de la Iglesia, Camila Falquez, Mau Morgó, Alejandra Smits, Maria Sosa, Xavier Marin, Marta Armengol… I’ve grown surrounded by friends that at the same time are artists that I deeply admire, and that has marked my way of creating very much. I think there is a specific way of creating in this city, the lack of resources or opportunities can be an incredibly creative scenario. For me everything started on the rocks by the sea of the Mediterranean, so in a way, I feel there is no separation between me and my surroundings…

How does your daily life mirror your artistic process?

I like to think of life as an artistic project itself, everything can be a performance, every problem can be a space to get creative with new ways.

What do you do to remedy an artistic block?

Dancing home alone, walking, crying, going to the sea…

What’s your favorite pastime outside of your career?

Dancing and laughing.

What’s the first thing you made that truthfully reflected your taste and ideas?

A series of my friends naked on nature.

Your work celebrates the body, nature, and feministic qualities – what would you say is the common thread within your work?

The common thread is that this is an honest exploration of my obsessions, and these happen to be femininity, our wild side, disconnection from reality, dreams, mystical projections, the joy of being naked…

In the past, you’ve collaborated with Solange + Rupi Kaur, two women with powerful voices, what are you trying to say as an artist? What do you feel the need to stand up for?

I’m trying to give more voice to causes that I believe in, to bring images to the world that have some power and meaning. Power and meaning can be found in many ideas for me, from working more on representation and portray diversity, to express things honestly from my heart, from my own experiences.

What would be your dream project? Cast + crew included?

Always working with my friends, family and artists I admire. It’s very important for me to have strong emotional connections with my crews.

What is the kind of environment you strive to create on set?

Relaxed, comfortable, caring, full of love and dance moves.

What are your favorite references to look at for inspiration?

Renaissance and old movies.

What are your favorite old movies?

Le Genou de Claire – Eric Rhomer

Color of Pomegranates – Sergei Parajanov

Il Fiore Delle Mille E Una Notte – Pier Paolo Pasolini

What’s next?

I’m working on my first exhibition!

Can you tell us anything about it? Will it be in Barcelona?

I can’t tell more about the exhibition just yet :)

Images courtesy of Carlota Guerrero

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