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Artist of The Week: Or Lapid

Or Lapid is the 29-year-old Tel Aviv artist who should be on your radar. Her main subjects include human figures and wildlife, and much of her work draws from the universal human experience. Most of her paintings read like fieldwork; Lapid constantly documents the life around her, but the faces of her subjects are often obscured, thus becoming representative of a way of life, rather than linking with a specific person or place. Her simple lines and minimalistic detail lead the viewer to constantly wonder. Read below for a quick glimpse into the artist’s process and her way of life in the coastal Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

Describe your artistic journey.

I was always painting here and there but, I studied visual communication at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design…

I specialized in illustration, but there was one specific course that blew my mind. It was called “A Journey Diary”, and mainly we were just listening to music and painting.

There was no theme and no goal, and so I found it very releasing and I could just draw without thinking… Once we took a trip to the desert and I think since that time I just started really enjoying the freedom of painting and..well I believe my journey has just started.

Do you have any special routines regarding your artistic practice?

I like to paint when it’s light and quiet outside, so usually, I wake up early in the morning before I go to work just to paint even just a quick flower…

What do you do for a living? 

I work as a graphic designer and an illustrator at a branding studio.

From start to finishhow long does it often take to create one of your pieces? Do you sketch before?

Mostly, I paint pretty quick and I don’t usually sketch before.

How does living in Tel Aviv impact your work?

I love observing people; it’s really one of my favorite hobbies I guess. In Tel Aviv, you can see all kinds/types of people anywhere you go. Also, there’s the beach… I love drawing people on the beach. I’m overwhelmed with the nudity that is so out there yet intimate and authentic.

A lot of your work is rooted in human form. Sometimes the faces of your characters are obscuredis there a reasoning for this?

I guess but I haven’t found it yet…

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Can’t think of someone specific, but probably from a different field…

What up and coming artists do you have an eye on it?

Barr Zutra.

What about their work attracts you?

First of all, it doesn’t look like anything else that I’ve seen before, it references many styles but brings something completely new.

I love the endlessly imaginary world of Barr; the combination of naivety, complexity, and depth.

What art supplies do you always have on you?

A black pen, paper, and a camera.

Painting asidewhat other forms of art/life inspire you?

Music, cinema, and yoga.

Images courtesy of Dor Sharon

Stay tuned to Milk for more international artists. 

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